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This set is composed of our 4 best treatments with nourishing properties.

This set includes:


coffret routine nourrissante bio

Our Extra Nourishing Serum

With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, this serum is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. Soothe acne, Facilitate wound healing and improves the firmness of your skin.

Our Chocolate Scrub 200 G

His decadent scrub exfoliates your skin leaving it radiant, while the argan oil moisturizes and hydrates it. Cocoa powder contains antioxidants so it’s not just in there for the smell good factor. Vitamin e is also an antioxidant and promotes healing.

Our Pure Sweet Almond Oil

Our Sweet Almond Body Oil is 100% natural. Rich in Omega9, it is an indispensable basic item to take care of sensitive skins, easily irritated and baby’s delicate skin. Soothing, emollient and nourishing, it calms the itches, the irritations and the cracks.

Sublim Repair Serum

This repairing serum not only seals split ends but also fixes dry ends and prevents further damage. At the end of the day, it strengthens your hair and leaves it moisturized. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, it keep hair healthy and smooth.

Our Silicone Face Mask Brush

Much easier, less waste!  A must have for every one who enjoys face masks and scrubs. Perfect for applying scrubs, mud, clay or charcoal mixed mask and moisturizers though. Easy to store, great to travel with. It’s also nice to apply a face mask without having to wash gunk out of a bristled brush or use your hands.

Découvrez notre coffret Trio Peaux Sensibles certifiée BIO nourrit et adoucit votre peau, chez ATYNA SKIN. ♥ La beauté bio naturelle ♥
Atyna SkinAtyna Skincoffret anti-vergeture
coffret visage nourrissant bio
Huile précieuse amande bio, eau rose, tonifie la peau
nourrit répare et sublime, Ambre et de Musc, Huile Précieuse,
soin bio naturel, De, avec, comme, vite, et, Donc, D’abord, Tout d’abord, En premier lieu
Ensuite, de plus, Finalement, En outre, Par ailleurs, En dernier lieu
enfin, Pour conclure, Pour toutes ces raisons, En somme, Ainsi, Donc, musc, vanille, ambre
Tout d’abord, En premier lieu, Ensuite, de plus, Finalement, En outre
Par ailleurs, En dernier lieu, Pour conclure, Pour toutes ces raisons
En somme, Ainsi, bio, naturel, cosmétique, produits, beauté, masque, visage, coffret peaux sensibles bio, coffret anti-vergeture bio
coffret routine nourrissante bio,corps, cheveux, huile, gommage, argan, chocolat, orange, barbarie, sérum, masque, eau merveilleuse rose, vanille

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